Diary of a Haunting | Thursday Reads

“Diary of a Haunting” by M. Verano

Last summer, I saw this book at Walmart and was very intrigued, first by it’s cover (which is a kick ass cover – both the dust jacket and the binding of the book) and second because it deals with a haunted house. So of course I had to pick it up.

It is my understanding that M. Verano is not a real person. When I first dig into a book, I always check out the copyright page, and for this one, it says Simon & Schuster. Plus, M. Verano is one of the characters. Nonetheless, it is very intriguing. Set up as “real” but isn’t. And it is written diary style form, which I always find to fun.

In this tale, Paige moves to Idaho with her mom and brother from LA, renting an old mansion. This mansion happens to be infested with flies and spiders. At first, things seem normal and harmless, then the real fun begins. Her brother starts acting weird. She find someone living in the basement. Things continue to get creepier, until the past becomes part of the present.

So if you like haunted houses, this is one to check out.

Order “Diary of a Haunting” on Amazon here
Pre-order “Possession” (Diary of a Haunting)” here Will be published on 8-30-16


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