The House | Thursday Reads

“The House” by Christina Lauren

“The House” is the second YA novel for authors Christina Lauren (Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings), the first being “Sublime”. And you do not have to be a young adult to read YA books, I’m 34 and I still love them.

I fell in love with Christina Lauren with the “Beautiful Bastard” series, and while their YA books are obviously nothing like that series, they have become among my favorite authors (in which I will read anything they write), and they do not disappoint.

This book follows the love story of Delilah and Gavin, typical high schoolers, but involves a secret. Wanna know what they secret is? I’ll tell ya. Gavin’s house is alive. And when I mean it’s alive, it’s ALIVE! It has taken care of him since he was a little boy. But, his house doesn’t want to share him. Can their love survive? That, I won’t tell you, you will have to read the book yourself 🙂

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