Trust No One | Thursday Reads

“Trust No One” by Paul Cleave

Where do I begin? This book is amazing!!

I don’t recall when I purchased this one, but it hasn’t been in my To Be Read pile for too long. And, THAT was too long. This is the first book I’ve read by Mr. Cleave, and now I need the rest of his books now, like RIGHT NOW! He is one talented author and I cannot wait to dive into the rest of his works.

In “Trust No One”, author Jerry Grey, who uses the pseudonym Henry Cutter, is diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s at the age of 49. He begins a journal so Future Jerry can remember things. But his dementia breaks down the wall between his real life and the lives of his characters. Are his stories real from crimes he actually committed?? Jerry learns that he can trust no one….Even himself.

If you love Crime Fiction and haven’t read any Paul Cleave, you will love Paul Cleave. If you haven’t read in the Crime Fiction genre, check out “Trust No One” and you may find yourself falling in love with a new genre, and author!

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