The Fate of Mercy Alban | Thursday Reads

“The Fate of Mercy Alban” by Wendy Webb

Grace Alban, along with her daughter, returns to her childhood home, which she has avoided for 20 years, due to her mother’s death. Long-buried family secrets return to the surface including old love letters and a lost manuscript that could lead to solving the mystery that surrounds a decades-old scandalous party.

So this one doesn’t involve a haunted house, but it involves a house with secret passageways. What fun! I’ve always wanted to live in a house that had a secret room.

If you haven’t read Wendy Webb yet, you should definitely pick up one of her books. I love her writing style and I have fallen in love with the stories and characters in each of her books. And they have surprise twists at the end. Her books are quick reads too. I averaged 2-3 days for each.

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