Blogtober 2, 2016

Today’s film selection, The Demon comes from 1979. And, I think it should have stayed there. It stars Cameron Mitchell, Jennifer Holmes, Craig Gardner.

Seriously, this could have been a really great horror flick, but, it is quite a bit confusing because it deals with a series of bizarre murders and the unexplained stalking of the main characters by an unidentified man with no apparent motives.

The blurb:

A deranged killer is stalking the citizens of a small-town, brutally killing a family and abducting the daughter. The town is terrified of these events and is unable to find the killer. Only a former cop with psychic abilities appears to be the town’s only hope of tracking down the murderer and finding the missing girl.

With that being said, I found myself with my eyes not glued to the screen.

Watch it or Skip it?

Skip it and go watch Halloween instead.

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