Blogtober 9, 2016

Today I decided to switch from the 50 Legends of Horror to the 50 Horror Classics (both of which make up the 100 Greatest Horror Classics collection) in hopes of getting some better, or at least, more interesting flicks, and some real classics that I adore! I’m not hard to please, really, I like a lot of things where many people don’t, but some of these movies are just falling flat to me.

With that, today’s selections are Carnival of Souls, Atom Age Vampire, and Creature from the Haunted Sea.

Carnival of Souls
Starring: Candace Hilliness, Frances Feist, Sydney Berger

A young woman apparently survives a drag race accident that had the car she was in toppling off of a bridge and into the river below. Unfazed by this experience, the woman heads off cross country to her new job as a church organist. Experiencing strange things along her trip and also when she arrives at her new home, the woman begins to suspect that her survival of the accident was not as it appears.

Watch it or Skip it? Watch it! I saw this one many many years ago and I love it. Even though of course we figure out what is happening to the woman long before she does for herself, it doesn’t take away from this one. And since I love the creepiness of organ music, this movie really calls to me.

Atom Age Vampire
Starring: Alberto Lupo, Susanne Loret, Sergio Fantoni

An exotic dancer has a terrible automobile accident and as a result is horribly scarred on her face. Hoping for a miracle treatment, the dancer visits a scientist who has had marvelous results in restoring patient’s appearances and is cured of her scars. Unfortunately, there are some terrible side-effects from the procedure that the scientist must use some unethical methods to try and make the cure permanent. With suspicions growing in the dancer’s boyfriend and the authorities closing in, the scientist tries some last-minute treatments to help the dancer and also win her heart.

Watch it or Skip it? Skip it. This movie is just, I don’t even know how to describe it. Some movies from this era are just spectacular, while some, like this one, are just not up to par. It is another that has left me with many unanswered questions, confused, and not paying 100% attention to it.

Creature from the Haunted Sea
Starring: Antony Carbone, Betsy Jones-Moreland, Robert Towne

An American gangster agrees to transport a group of Caribbean exiles and their national treasury to safe haven, with the intent of eliminating the exiles and keeping the money. Hoping to use the local legend of a sea monster as cover for killing off the soldiers, the gangster and his crew discover that the legend is true.

Watch it or Skip it? Watch it! This one is so horrible it makes it so good. You got action, you got gangsters, you got a pretty lady, you got singing, and you got one horrible creature costume. What more could you ask for?

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