Genesis | Bible Study Sundays

Disclaimer: I’m Roman Catholic. I’m not the most religious person out there. I have many questions about my religion, faith, and spirituality. I do believe in God. But I have always had many questions, and to be honest, have many confusions, even though I have gone to religion classes as a kid (truthfully, I never paid attention too much, since it was a requirement and not really a choice). Am I thankful I did have them and have been confirmed? Yes, of course.

I am glad that I’ve decided to take the time to finally read through the Bible. Something I’ve always wanted to do but never took the time. I’m hoping this will help open my eyes, and even answer many of the questions that linger in my head.

So this past week, I’ve finished the The Book of Genesis. I have a side-by-side Bible (In which I mentioned before) that includes the following 4 versions: New International Version, King James Version, New American Standard Bible, and the Amplified Bible. At first I started out reading each version, but it became a bit too redundant, so I decided to stick with the NIV.

My favorite verse: And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. (Gen. 1:3)