My Project for 2015

I think I may have said something about this project sometime last year, but for 2015, I am writing a poem a day. And at the beginning of next year, I will publish them in a collection. While, I know this idea isn’t original, I did think of it before I saw that others have. I have wanted to get back into seriously writing poetry again, and thought this would be a great and fun way to do it. The only part that sucks about it, is I am loving some of the poems I have already written, and really want to share them now. I’m excited to see what poems I can come up with…

Another slow day at work

Another slow day at work….Gives me time to write.

And my current writing project has given me some new found excitement. Instead of it just being in one person the whole way through, I decided to add many more characters’ views (which seems to be the “in” thing right now, but that isn’t why I am doing it). For how I want to now structure it, I think a one person view would be too long, and maybe get a little boring??? So now, I have to put some more thought into it and do some outlining. For what I currently have written, I don’t even have a name for the character, or any descriptive matter about her. (Usually I have those things determined before I even start writing). And I was also thinking for each character, I can do different lengths of the stanzas of the poem. Mix it up a little bit.

If it all works out as I am now planning it, it will be 10 books long. Maybe they’d actually be more like novellas. I don’t know yet. We’ll see where and how this goes. I’ll keep you updated.

Just another Tuesday

Not much going on here. Still beaming with excitement about the news yesterday on the Mitch Rapp series!!

Today was a slow afternoon at work, so I was able to work on some writing. Adding some things in where they need to be. And I noticed that in a few stanzas, I had not only past tense, but present going on as well. So, I had to make a few adjustments there, but it didn’t affect the flow or the rhyming. Having both tenses in the same stanzas strangely enough hadn’t disturbed the flow of the stanza in the poem, but it looked strange. I think I didn’t catch them until now because as I would say them, it sounded fine. Weird. I do have a few present tense stanzas, but I think I will keep those as “action” ones. It makes a nice flow. Not sure how acceptable it will be, but, I don’t care. It’s my poem, and I will do what I want to. LOL

Poetry Book Update: I am in the process of printing out all my poems, yet another time. About half way through on the ones I recently typed. I have to open and do them all at one time, so it is taking a little bit. Then, I think I will be re-typing the ones I had typed up many years ago, so I have the same font and flow as the other ones. I hope to then, get it sent off to the copyright office some time next week. (I should just pick a date that I must have that done by. Hmmm. What’s a good one?? I’ll decide by tomorrow’s blog!) Still undecided if I want to print out the form and mail the entire thing, or fill out the form online (and still mail it in). The latter is supposed to be faster and cheaper. I am too afraid of uploading the document when doing it online, because I haven’t done this process before. Then, I will work on formatting them for kindle/createspace. Have to work on a cover. Already have a preface written. Have been thinking up an afterword. Not sure if I will do a dedication, but do have a few acknowledgements (well 2) that I’d like to do.

Not sure if I will wait to upload until I receive the copyright first, or not. I think I’ve been pretty redundant on that fact. I just don’t know.

P.S. If I ever keep repeating myself on things, you will have to tell me 🙂 I’d hate to be a bore.


Getting my writing on

Today has been a very good and productive day. Yay! The only thing that would have made it better is if I had more time to write. Oh well. But the words are flowing. The words are rhyming. The story is coming along. Fantastic!

I typically don’t do rhyming (on purpose) in my poems, but I feel that since this is going to be a long one, and it accidentally started that way, I want to continue it throughout. And if I sit there and try to write all of my lines and get the rhyming in there, it takes a long time, makes it feel too forced, and it takes away from the fun of it, making it more like work, and then I get bored with it. So, I have just been writing lines down, not worrying about the rhyming (I am calling this outlining, even though it really isn’t), and then come back to it and rework it to involve the rhyming. And this is indeed working well for me right now. The only problem, is I have numerous sheets of paper, and 2 notebooks going. I feel a little lost sometimes. But I forge ahead. Just pray I don’t drop any of it, LOL. I haven’t dug out my rhyming dictionary yet, but I know at least if I need it, I have it, and it will be a wonderful tool for me.

I just took one of those Facebook quizzes, this one was what career you should have, and I got writer! I know those quizzes are silly and sometimes lame, but yet very entertaining, and it is just little things like that that give me a little boost.

I am writing, therefore, I AM a writer!

Busy day

So, today was a very busy day at work, so I didn’t really accomplish anything in the reading or writing category.

I have decided, on my poetry book, to do all of my poems. That brings the total to 101. The collection of poems will be from 1999-2008 (there may be a few that could be older, but I didn’t start dating the poems until ’99, and a few of them I remember doing in school when we were learning specific type of poems). So now that I have made that decision, I will gather them all together, and send them off for copyright. Not sure if I will do it electronically (which would be faster and less expensive – I would still use the option of mailing the document in instead of uploading it) or just mailing them (which takes longer and is more expensive). And I would likely wait until I receive the copyright certificate before putting it up on kindle/createspace. But then that gives me the time to edit and format, and come up with the cover (I have an idea of what I want to do, so that’s a start), in which, I am a total beginner in this department (self-publishing), so by the time I am ready with it all, I will likely receive my copyright.

I haven’t started on “Murder, She Wrote: season 8” yet, but hoping to this week. I have been hesitant to start, because it is one of those shows where I keep watching and cannot stop until I am done. Not ready for that to take over my life quite yet.

This week, we are in for some severe weather, oh joy. Today, luckily around here it just rained with some rumblings. Hopefully it stays the same throughout the week. Supposed to hit in the 90s tomorrow. Yuck. I prefer the 70s, or the 80s that is not humid and has a nice breeze. It’s funny, I used to love storms, but ever since I got my dog (who is afraid of them), I just dread them. She gets so scared, and doesn’t like to be comforted 😦 Lately, last couple months, she has been spending lots of time downstairs in the basement when the weather is bad (or not even bad, but rainy or windy). Poor little girl.

Anywho, that’s about it for now.

That Poetry Book…

So, the last few days, I’ve really been thinking about this poetry book. I think I’ve said before, so far I have 52 poems picked. I still feel that this is too small of a number (though it is quite a few poems) for a book. It would indeed would be just too skinny. And I really want it to be perfect.

So, I have a few options:

  1. Go with what I have, and just let it be a small collection?
  2. Go through and pick more out to add to it?
  3. Take the time to write more (give myself the rest of the year)?
  4. Or, I could just put all of my current poems into the one collection? The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Decisions. Decisions.

Poetry Book Progress

So, I have copied, organized an order, and moved the poems into a separate binder. I have 52. I think I may need to go through my collection again and pick more out (or go through that I may have floating around, or write a few more). I feel that to have an adequate book, I should at least have 75ish. For an ebook, the page number doesn’t really matter, but for a print book, I feel that it does. I don’t want too skinny of a book. And at the current amount, I would really need to do a poem a page, and only on one side.

I can definitely spend the time to write more poems (I have indeed already have quite a few that are currently unfinished), and feel I can still make my deadline of sending the collection for copyright and getting them up for Kindle/CreateSpace at the beginning of next year, which is my goal. It’s pushing it.

I know that technically I have copyright, but feel, that I want something official on it. Just for security. Before I put it out there.

But, it is coming together quite nicely, and I am very proud of it. Stay tuned…

Old Poems, New Inspiration

So, lately I have been working on typing up my poems, so I have them all in one place. And I am my own worst critic when it comes to my poetry – I always think they are not good enough, etc (not all, but the majority), when compared to others. I’m working on this.

But as I have been typing and printing them, poems that are 10-15 years old now, I’ve realized a few things.

  1. I guess I’m not as bad at rhyming as I thought.
  2. It’s crazy how I can still feel the emotions now, that I did back when I wrote some of them.
  3. I’m not sure I would call myself a “poet” but I write poems, and some of them are awesome

Going back to the past, looking at thee poems, is giving me so much inspiration and motivation to continue and get back into writing them more.

Poetry has always been a release for me. Baring my heart and soul to the blank paper. I find I start writing them when something is going on in my life.

There is nothing greater than getting inspiration from yourself!

The floodgates have opened…

A month ago, I was awaiting the perfect writing idea to hit me and to start work on it. Something interesting, something new. It had hit me. I started outlining it and all that jazz. But the last couple of weeks, ideas have just been pouring and pouring. Which normally, would be a good idea. But right now, not so much. I am already working on several projects, but as some of these new ideas come, I want to work on them. Well, I cannot possibly work on all of them. Normally the idea flow wouldn’t be a bad thing, but I simply cannot keeping up.

I used to just write an idea down in a notebook. Then eventually it would end up getting “lost” in the mix. I decided to now put the idea (even if it is just a title that popped into my head) down on paper, and then put it in a file folder. I am hoping this system will work a little better for me, than just putting it down in a notebook and coming across it several years later.

As to an update on the writing front (since this blog was to help me keep motivated and to keep me accountable), I have been working on typing up some earlier poetry that I had written in a book (over 100) and will them gather some of them into collections, and hopefully send them off for copyright (I know I own copyright already, but would like it to be “official”) then hopefully creating some poetry books. My poetry is very personal, so the thought of having it out there is very very scary. I always read my poems and think they are ok, while I read others and think they are amazing. I’ve had a friend tell me my work should be published, so we will see. Not sure how well poetry sells, but that really doesn’t matter that much to me. I would like to hold a “real” book in my hands of my own poetry. So that’s my main goal. If others purchase it, and even like it, all the better. Poetry to me is putting my heart and soul down on paper, while most poems come naturally and quickly, others take awhile to develop. The best thing I love about poetry is how it can have so many different meanings to people. While the author wrote it about a specific thing or for a specific reason, it can be interpreted differently to another. And poetry has NO rules. I love that.

Well, today is the last day of March. Bring on April and bring on Spring.

As always, I welcome any feedback.