Mitch Rapp Is Back

So, earlier this week, I finally finished my ARC (Advanced Reader’s Copy) of The Survivor by Kyle Mills, who has taken over the series since Vince Flynn passed away 2 years ago. I meant to start it sooner, but I wanted to re-read The Last Man before starting The Survivor, and I had a minor setback with being sick last week.

And I wanted to take my time with it, meaning I didn’t want to read it in 2 days or less, even though I could. I just didn’t want to rush it, since it wasn’t Vince (except Chapter 1) and I felt that I couldn’t just get lost in the story, but needed to pay attention to the characters and the story, and all that jazz.

And let me tell you, Kyle Mills has done an incredible job. INCREDIBLE.

If I hadn’t been paying attention, and didn’t know that Vince didn’t write it, I may not have guessed it. Mills has done his research and knows Rapp, and the other characters, inside out. He has captured Vince’s voice.

Mills has taken over the series, making it his own, yet staying true not only to Vince Flynn, but to his characters, and more importantly to his fans.

After Vince passed, many fans would ask me over on VinceFlynnFans twitter if someone would be taking over the series, if I wanted someone to take over the series, or made the comment that they wanted someone to take over the series. At that time, I was against it, I didn’t want the series to continue. I felt that it wouldn’t be Vince’s voice. Yet, last year, shortly after Vince Flynn Day (to be exact), it was announced that Kyle Mills would be taking over. As soon as I saw that email, I got really excited and had a huge grin on my face. Even though the previous year I didn’t want it to continue, and I actually had never heard of Kyle. So, I started to do some research on him. The monthly VF email newsletter started doing Q&A with him. And one of the questions was what books of his to read that are similar to Vince, and one of the suggestions was Fade, so that night I got the kindle edition. And I read it. And I loved it. Months passed, and more Q&A’s made me excited. He was doing tons of research, becoming so familiar with the Rapp series in and out (he was already a Rapp fan). I knew he was the man for the job.

Flash forward to this year. He finished writing the book. The ARCs started coming out. Over at you can sign up to become a Mitch Rapp Ambassador. If you become an ambassador, you will receive an ARC. New ambassadors are picked every month until October. So if you are a Vince Flynn / Mitch Rapp fan, head on over and sign up (if you haven’t already).

I got my copy on Wed. I was so excited. And it helped take my mind off of being sick (damn kidney stone). And even though I had my copy, I was jealous of those that already started reading or even already finished their copies. I just couldn’t focus enough to read.


I started it. And finished it. In about 4 days.


There are tears. There are cheers.

I can’t wait until October when ALL the fans will be able to read The Survivor. I guarantee all Rapp fans will love it! 100%

Thank you Kyle Mills, for bringing Mitch Rapp back!

And of course thanks to the best in the business: to everyone at Emily Bestler Books, Atria Books, Simon & Schuster, David Brown, and to the Flynn Family.

10.6.15 #MitchRappIsBack

YOU by Caroline Kepnes

YOU by Caroline Kepnes is my #1 book pick for the Fall!!


I loaned my copy out so I couldn’t take a picture of it, but I am absolutely in love with this cover. The above image is the majority of it.

This isn’t necessarily a book review (like before, I said I don’t do those) but I highly recommend it! HIGHLY!!

YOU comes out next Tuesday (September 30th). It is published by my favorite (aka the best in the business) Emily Bestler Books / Atria / Simon & Schuster. I was lucky enough to receive a copy, but I will still be purchasing a copy (already pre-ordered it) because that is how I roll. It is a novel of dark obsession (it says so right on the cover). It’s an amazing thriller. Very unique. And I couldn’t put it down. Since the promotion of it months ago, I’ve been really excited for YOU. And I am now a Caroline Kepnes fan.

Here’s the blurb for the book:

Love hurts…

When aspiring writer Guinevere Beck strides into the East Village bookstore where Joe works, he’s instantly smitten. Beck is everything Joe has ever wanted: She’s gorgeous, tough, razor-smart, and as sexy as his wildest dreams.

Beck doesn’t know it yet, but she’s perfect for him, and soon she can’t resist her feelings for a guy who seems custom made for her. But there’s more to Joe than Beck realizes, and much more to Beck than her oh-so-perfect façade. Their mutual obsession quickly spirals into a whirlwind of deadly consequences . . .

A chilling account of unrelenting passion, Caroline Kepnes’s You is a perversely romantic thriller that’s more dangerously clever than any you’ve read before.

While it’s not a secret that I’m into anything writer, bookstore, or library related (in books and movies); the fact that Joe is a bookstore owner is a big reason that drew me to YOU, and that fabulous cover. But, from the very first lines, this book is written so differently from anything else that I have read, and I loved it!

Even though Joe is….well Joe (when you read it you’ll understand what I mean). I am drawn to him. He has a hold on me. I want to be his best friend. I want to be his lover. I know I should think one way of him, yet, I thin another. I relate to him (not is all aspects, of course). And I am #TeamJoe.

So, if you plan on reading one book this fall, make it YOU. YOU won’t regret it.

Here are some places you can stalk….I mean FOLLOW Caroline:





I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes

Today, I want to discuss a book that I’m very excited about its release in May. I’m not really going to do a “book review” because I feel I have very poor reviewing skills. I cannot translate what I feel. The words do not come to me. But I want, I need, to share my excitement over this book.

In fact, I haven’t been this excited for a book to be released sine The Last Man by Vince Flynn. And I honestly thought I never would since Flynn’s passing.

Last summer, I had the pleasure of reading I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes. Terry Hayes is new to the book world, but isn’t new to writing. You can find more about him here: was previously released overseas, but is making is US debut May 27th.

This book is epic. I say it is epic because it is 700 pages. Now, I know you may be thinking, SEVEN HUNDRED pages, but let me tell you, do not let the size of this book scare you. It’s a fast and wild ride. An amazing game of cat and mouse. The security and safety of the United States of America rests on one man, Pilgrim, to track down one man. This book is filled with twists and turns and interweaving mysteries and murders. Even after 700 pages, it leaves you wanting more.

I will admit, at first I was intimidated at the size, but I was captivated from the very beginning. As it took me a couple weeks to read, I found it hard to put down (but at 2 am, I needed to get some sleep). When I wasn’t reading I Am Pilgrim, I was constantly thinking about it. Heck, I was even dreaming about it.

Do yourself a favor, preorder I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes. I have. You can find it on Amazon here:

This is the ultimate thriller.