6-27-17 Brad Thor ‘Use of Force’

Brad Thor’s Scot Harvath is Back! The next thriller in the series ‘Use of Force’ was published on 6/27/17.

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The blurb:

As a storm rages across the Mediterranean Sea, a terrifying distress call is made to the Italian Coast Guard. Days later, a body washes ashore.

Identified as a high value terrorism suspect (who had disappeared three years prior), his name sends panic through the Central Intelligence Agency.

Where was he headed? What was he planning? And could he be connected to the “spectacular attack” they have been fearing all summer?

In a race against time, the CIA taps an unorthodox source to get answers: Navy SEAL turned covert counterterrorism operative, Scot Harvath.

Hired on a black contract, Harvath will provide the deniability the United States needs, while he breaks every rule along the way.

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Foreign Agent by Brad Thor

Happy Pub Day to Brad Thor’s “Foreign Agent”!!!!

Foreign Agent

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The blurb:

Scot Harvath has exactly the skills the CIA is looking for. He’s a former U.S. Navy SEAL with extensive experience in espionage. Working for a private intelligence company, he will provide the CIA, and more important, the President, with absolute deniability.

But deep within the Russian Caucasus, Moscow also has its own special kind of operative. As a child, Sacha Baseyev endured an unimaginable horror. Today, he lives and breathes for only one reason—to kill. And he will kill as many Americans as it takes to accomplish his mission.

When a clandestine American operations team is ambushed near Syria, all signs point toward a dangerous informant in Brussels. But as Harvath searches for the man, he uncovers another actor—a rogue player hell-bent on forcing America’s hand and drawing it into a confrontation deadlier than anyone could have imagined.

As the attacks mount, and terror is brought to the very doorstep of the White House, Harvath finds himself in the race of his life. From Vienna, Brussels, and Berlin, to Malta, Jordan, and Syria—he will push himself beyond the edge in order to confront one of the greatest evils the world has ever known.

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Motivational Mondays #13

“That which we are most destined to do in life, we are often the most afraid of.” – Brad Thor

I like this one. And when you think about it, it is totally true.

We are afraid to become what we are meant to be. But why? Is it the fear of falling? The fear of failing? The fear of actually obtaining something we have desired for, for so long?

What we need to work on, is not letting the fear take over and hold us back. You will never know about something unless you try. And when you do go about and try, you may find that the fear that tried holding you back, was not necessarily an “irrational” fear, but a fear that could easily be conquered.

Simply put, you won’t know unless you try. So, go ahead and try. What are you waiting for?

If you are passionate about something, nothing will get in your way and try to stop you. No matter how much the odds seem to be stacked against you, you can and will prevail.

Authors are the best kind of celebrity

For today’s blog, I was going to list the books that I am most excited to read that are currently stuck in my HUGE to read pile. But after some events that took place tonight, specifically on twitter, I decided to put that one off and do another one for tonight.

I wanted to talk about celebrities. And authors.

To me, it seems, that authors are the best type of “celebrities” (if you want to label them as celebrities). They seem to be really genuine and nice and caring towards their fans (in which many don’t want to label their fans as fans). They interact well with us (fans). Whether it be at a signing, out in about in public, on social media, etc. Of the many authors that I have met in person (and this includes some big named ones too), this holds true. They talk to you like you’ve been friends for years. They talk to you like they are actually interested in your life and care.

Now, I guess, considering that I haven’t met many big named celebs, movie stars, music stars, sports stars etc, that I really can’t compare. But, in those gossip magazines, tv shows, and internet sites, you usually don’t hear anything bad about authors. I guess, you don’t really hear much about authors. Maybe that is because they are busy writing, LOL.

But, the best fans in the world, are those that belong to an author. I run a fan twitter for the late Vince Flynn. And I will say, he has the best fans hands down (and I am proud to be one of them). I know a few people that have done fan twitters/facebook pages/sites for other public figures/celebs/tv shows, and I have always noticed drama. But, I have never once had any drama or issues while running my twitter. Not 1. So, this is why I say authors have the best fans. And they are the most loyal of fans too.

So what happened tonight to make me blog this? (1) Brad Taylor had posted his book tour dates on Facebook, but didn’t on his twitter, so I tweeted about them on my twitter and the VFF twitter. He replied and thanked me, that he forgot to do it on twitter. (2) As well on the VFF twitter, I tweeted how many followers we needed to reach our goal. And Brad Thor retweeted it. Thus, increasing our numbers.

It’s just little things like that. They make me smile. 🙂

This isn’t in any form to name drop, but to share. I know it doesn’t apply to ALL authors or ALL fans (but that applies across the board as well).

Honestly, I would much rather meet/hang out with a favorite author than a “celebrity” in any other field.

New Book Releases: 2nd Half of 2015

So for todays blog, I am making a list of the 2nd half of 2015 book releases that I’m most excited about and am recommending because they are either a favorite author and/or series. As I discover more books, I will just add them in an edit at the end of this post. The majority are thrillers, but I do enjoy books of many different genres.

Here we go!

And the Good News Is…: Lessons and Advice from the Bright Side by Dana Perino – available now

Making the Case: How to Be Your Own Best Advocate by Kimberly Guilfoyle – available now

Independence Day by Ben Coes – available now

In Real Life: My Journey to a Pixelated World by Joey Graceffa – available now

I, Justine: An Analog Memoir by Justine Ezarik – available now

The President’s Shadow by Brad Meltzer – 6/16

Sins of the Innocent: A Novella by Jamie McGuire – 6/28

The Insider Threat by Brad Taylor – 6/30

The English Spy by Daniel Silva – 6/30

Code of Conduct by Brad Thor – 7/7

Something Beautiful: A Novella by Jamie McGuire – 8/16

Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes – 9/8

Murder, She Wrote: the Ghost and Mrs. Fletcher by Donald Bain & Jessica Fletcher – 10/6

The Survivor by Vince Flynn & Kyle Mills – 10/6

Mentions for 2016: Beautiful Burn by Jamie McGuire – 1/31, The Year of the Locust by Terry Hayes – 5/3, and the next Murder-By-Month mystery by Jess Lourey

Latest Book Haul

I apologize for being MIA this month. Not much has been happening, except for some Black Friday planning. I love Black Friday, and it is mostly a time when I shop for myself, in which I add to my immaculate dvd collection.

Just wanted to share with you some recent book purchase that I am very excited to get to read (just had to add to my every growing reading list, and I asked for even more for Xmas).

I got:

Among Monsters by Jamie McGuire (the novella to Red Hill, I can’t wait to delve into it!!)

The Vines by Christopher Rice

Snowblind by Christopher Golden

The Troop by Nick Cutter

The Hidden Girl by Louise Millar

I am currently on the third book of the Watersong series by Amanda Hocking, and hopping to hop back into the Harvath Series by Brad Thor as soon as I finish that series. I’ve been missing Harvath, it’s been months….

Too many books, not enough time 🙂


Meeting Brad Thor

Last night (July 22nd), I had the honor of meeting Brad Thor! His book tour for his latest release “Act of War” brought him to Once Upon A Crime Books in Minneapolis, MN. I’ve never met him in person before, but have talked to him via Twitter (his is @BradThor, mine is @StacyReller) for some time now, and he has been a great supporter of @VinceFlynnFans.

First, I want to start off with, I have never been to Once Upon A Crime before, and, what a wonderful bookstore! The owners, Gary and Pat are just delightful. If you ever find yourself in the Cities, you must visit this place. I wish I lived closer. I hope to make another trip in the near future.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, and I have only been to one other signing before (Vince Flynn’s “American Assassin” tour in 2010), but it was pretty much more or less the same. The only sadness of the night was how it just made me miss VF that much more (which is the case of a lot of us fans). Now I will admit, I was a bit nervous, but as soon as it was my turn, it just disappeared. What a nice guy! I really think that authors are the best “celebrities”. They generally care about their fans, and it definitely shows. And for the most part, in my experience, fans of authors are less crazed and more laid back (yes, there are still some of those crazy ones, who think it is all about them, but not like a movie star’s or rock star’s fan, if you know what I am saying). While I have seen and heard about bad experiences with fellow fans from friends who run fan twitter pages, I have never once experienced it on any level while I have been running VFF the last 4 years. Of course it is true, that Vince Flynn HAS the greatest fans ever (and you can loop Thor fans in there as well, because for the most part, we are one and the same), but writer fans in general are just a different breed.

Ok, back on topic. Thor did a little talking, then a Q&A, then signing and pic time (there wasn’t any pics when went to the VF signing, because if there had been, we would have been there until 2 am). I had 4 books to get signed, so I waited near the end, which was totally fine with me. It was fun to watch the interactions between Thor and fellow fans. While sitting there, I also had the time to chat with one of the store owners, Pat. A lovely conversation, which included some Flynn talk, because OUAC was pretty much his stomping grounds. And I can see why.

Ok, back on topic, again. So, now it was my turn. Like I said, I was a lil wee nervous, but as soon as you get up to the table, and Thor invites you in with a warm welcome and smile, poof, it goes away. You can tell just how thankful he is that you are there to meet him (and that he gets to meet you), and that you have purchased his book. “What a Nice Guy” doesn’t really do it justice, but, he really is. And there is no faking that smile you have seen, especially is you’ve been catching all the pics on twitter/facebook this past week (which I will I say, I have been enjoying immensely). It was very cool to finally meet him in person, and vice versa. I don’t get to feel special very often, but he definitely made me feel special last night, even though I’m just one among the thousands and thousands of fans.

Thank You to Once Upon A Crime Books, Pat and Gary, the fellow fans, and Brad Thor for a terrific night.

As soon as I got home, I of course posted on the Twitter and the Facebook, but I also just had to send an email to Once Upon A Crime for such a lovely evening. They host many many events (signings and launch parties) throughout the year, and I definitely hope to get to more. Especially since I now know how to get there and that the drive wasn’t nearly as scary, LOL (I dislike freeways and any downtown areas).

And I just want to finish on a personal note. It’s amazing how lately (mainly the last couple of years) everything comes right back to Vince (it is seriously becoming a Six Degrees of Separation type thing). I won’t go into the story of how I became of Vince Flynn fan, but after I had gone to the signing in 2010 (which was a Thursday), I created VinceFlynnFans that weekend, because I noticed he wasn’t one twitter, and there were no fan ones, so I thought “Hey, I should create one for a place for VF fans to connect on twitter”. That Monday, I had the backing of Vince’s publicist, which I thought was the coolest thing ever. We are nearing 5,000 strong, which is amazing!! I have never done it for any perks or freebies, or anything like that. I just wanted a place for us all to connect. For the most part, I treat it like a job. Always keeping the tweets professional (no personal drama, like I have seen done on other “fan” pages). Because first and foremost, I am representing Vince. And then, I am representing the publishing house company(ies) and everyone involved in that. I am representing the fans. 90% of the book giveaways I do, is out of MY pocket, and I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂 Lately, I have been “promoting” other authors, and I feel ok to do that, since if I can introduce new/other authors to more fans, I feel it is better for everyone.

I honestly HONESTLY believe, that even though I did read Vince’s books, if I never created VFF, I may never have come across Brad Thor (as weird as it sounds even though it is the same genre) and others like Brad Taylor, Ben Coes, etc, etc, etc. Fellow fans have recommended them, and I am happy to be able to recommend them to others who ask. I’m working hard, very hard, to get to reading them all, but this stack is ever growing, and I have recently pushed Kyle Mills’ book “Fade” ahead, for “important” reasons. I haven’t read all of the authors I now recommend, and it somewhat bothers me because I don’t like to put out recs if I haven’t personally read them (just like if I am going to tweet about a charity, I am not going to unless I have donated first. Doesn’t seem right for me to ask you to do something, when I haven’t). I believe in paying it forward, and I was very lucky to have had Thor send me all of his books, which was a complete shocker, because I was expecting one, maybe 2 books. So, when Vince Flynn Day rolled around, what better way to pay it forward with a trifecta of wins (maybe a win-win-win-win situation), was to purchase ALL of Vinnie’s books and donate them to The Harvath Directive, which sends books over to the troops!

It is just amazing how many doors have opened, so to speak.

And it ultimately all comes back to, Vince Flynn.

Almost forgot, here’s my mug with Brad Thor:

Brad Thor 7/22/14


Some new thrillers released today

Some new books came out today:

Brad Taylor’s Days of Rage

Daniel Silva’s The Heist

Just thought I’d let you know, in case you didn’t 🙂


And don’t forget to check out:

Brad Thor’s Act of War (the next Scot Harvath thriller)

Terry Hayes’ I Am Pilgrim

Jamie McGuire’s Beautiful Oblivion


And any Vince Flynn novel!!

The Shawshank Redemption, Brad Thor, I Am Pilgrim

Are there any movies, when on tv, you just have to watch them? I have several, but one of my faves is definitely “The Shawshank Redemption”. And guess what? I’m watching it right now! Even though this movie came out in 1994, I recently discovered it just a few years ago. And boy, I have been missing out. Late to the party (as usual).

Brad Thor‘s newest release “Act of War” is due out on July 8th. You can pre-order that at Amazon here. His book tour dates have been released, check them out here. I’m hoping to catch him at the Minneapolis one! I highly recommend the Scot Harvath series. Especially if you are a huge Vince Flynn fan like me. Also, if you’re on twitter, you should definitely follow Mr. Thor at @BradThor.

And a friendly reminder that Terry Hayes’ “I Am Pilgrim” will be out 15 days from now, on May 27th. You can pre-order it on Amazon here.

My Writing Influences/Book Series That I Love: Part Two

This part two are the series that are my current obsessions, continuing chronologically (except for the last one).

Murder, She Wrote series by Donald Bain & “Jessica Fletcher”     I first discovered this series in October 2000. I found myself in Waldenbooks (does anyone remember this bookstore? it was my favorite), and I was looking at the Halloween display (I have a serious obsession with Halloween and Halloween related things) and came across the MSW book Trick or Treachery. Murder, She Wrote is one of my favorite tv shows, so I thought how cool, I need to check out this book. Loved it. Rest is history. Well over 20 books and counting, with the next being due out April 4th (squeeeee). My favorite ones are when they are located in Cabot Cove.

Murder-by-Month series by Jess Lourey     If I didn’t decide to buy a Kindle, I may never have discovered this fantastic author and series! I am SO glad I did. Jess is from MN, her books are set in MN, and they have the best titles ever (May DayJune BugKnee High by 4th of July, etc). I strongly recommend this series if you enjoy good murder mysteries, small town USAs, fantastic and interesting characters, and Nut Goodies!

Scot Harvath series by Brad Thor     I came across Brad Thor on recommendation by fellow Vince Flynn fans. I am slowly working my way through the series, but am very much enjoying it. Scot Harvath is a badass! (I can only dream about how awesome a Mitch Rapp/Scot Harvath team up could have been!!) If you’re on twitter, you can follow Brad (@BradThor) and I suggest you do.

And saving the best for last…..my absolute favorite author and series…..ever…..

Mitch Rapp series by Vince Flynn     I was late in discovering Vince. Now, I had heard about him from time to time, being a fellow Minnesotan, but never really thought much about it (and boy I kick myself about that all the time). Honestly, I never thought it was a genre that I wanted to read or would even like (boy was I wrong). In 2008/2009 I learned of a common denominator (which I will be keeping personal). Shoot forward to 2010, when he was releasing American Assassin, I decided to hit one of the local book signings, which was on a Thursday. Never reading one of his books, never been to a book signing before, I didn’t know what to expect. Before the singing there was a little Q&A, and even though I felt a little confused, listening to him speak, was point blank amazing. Got to mention a few things when he was signing my book, and the rest is, simply put, history. It was an amazing feeling on several different levels. That Saturday, I went back to the bookstore, and picked up Term Limits and started reading it. And I couldn’t put it down. That Sunday, since I am pretty addicted to Twitter, and noticing that Vince didn’t have one, and there were no fan ones, I decided to create one (you can find it at @VinceFlynnFans). By Monday, I had the support of the publishing company. That was pretty cool. So I finished TL which to date is my favorite VF novel. And so I started in on the Mitch Rapp books, Transfer of Power which was my favorite of the Rapp series (until The Last Man came along). My goal was to read all of them before the following prequel Kill Shot was released. I almost made it. I cannot quite express how much I love the Mitch Rapp series enough. Vince had magic hands for sure. Not only writing a strong, badass, kickass, someone I would want in my corner, male character, but many strong women characters as well. Vince’s fans range from the young to the old, male and female. And they are the best fans out there. From when I created VFF to present day, I have never encountered any negative comments (like many other fan twitters do). And I definitely think a person’s fans really speak about that person! From fellow fans, I have discovered many other wonderful authors (bestsellers and indie) and have made so many wonderful connections, in which I owe to VF. He was more than just an author, but, in my opinion, one of he greatest humans to ever live. If you had the chance to meet him, talk to him, know him, you are a very lucky person. June 19th 2013 was a very hard day. This is the day we lost Vince Flynn. But his words live on… He lives on…

I like a lot of books. Many different genres. I still hope to continue to broaden my horizons, maybe even getting more into classic literature. I have a very large pile of books to get through, but it is ever growing.