Authors are the best kind of celebrity

For today’s blog, I was going to list the books that I am most excited to read that are currently stuck in my HUGE to read pile. But after some events that took place tonight, specifically on twitter, I decided to put that one off and do another one for tonight.

I wanted to talk about celebrities. And authors.

To me, it seems, that authors are the best type of “celebrities” (if you want to label them as celebrities). They seem to be really genuine and nice and caring towards their fans (in which many don’t want to label their fans as fans). They interact well with us (fans). Whether it be at a signing, out in about in public, on social media, etc. Of the many authors that I have met in person (and this includes some big named ones too), this holds true. They talk to you like you’ve been friends for years. They talk to you like they are actually interested in your life and care.

Now, I guess, considering that I haven’t met many big named celebs, movie stars, music stars, sports stars etc, that I really can’t compare. But, in those gossip magazines, tv shows, and internet sites, you usually don’t hear anything bad about authors. I guess, you don’t really hear much about authors. Maybe that is because they are busy writing, LOL.

But, the best fans in the world, are those that belong to an author. I run a fan twitter for the late Vince Flynn. And I will say, he has the best fans hands down (and I am proud to be one of them). I know a few people that have done fan twitters/facebook pages/sites for other public figures/celebs/tv shows, and I have always noticed drama. But, I have never once had any drama or issues while running my twitter. Not 1. So, this is why I say authors have the best fans. And they are the most loyal of fans too.

So what happened tonight to make me blog this? (1) Brad Taylor had posted his book tour dates on Facebook, but didn’t on his twitter, so I tweeted about them on my twitter and the VFF twitter. He replied and thanked me, that he forgot to do it on twitter. (2) As well on the VFF twitter, I tweeted how many followers we needed to reach our goal. And Brad Thor retweeted it. Thus, increasing our numbers.

It’s just little things like that. They make me smile. 🙂

This isn’t in any form to name drop, but to share. I know it doesn’t apply to ALL authors or ALL fans (but that applies across the board as well).

Honestly, I would much rather meet/hang out with a favorite author than a “celebrity” in any other field.