Just a lil thursday night check in

Don’t have much to say. It’s pretty much SSDD.

Yesterday, I ended my night with a migraine. HATE those. Luckily, I don’t get them too often.

Today, was a stressful day at work. HATE those too. I want to be productive and get some writing in, yet I want to sit here and do nothing. Not sure which will win just yet. But, I will gladly accept either.

I’ve decided to call blogging in October, Blogtober. I am really excited for it. Think it’s going to be pretty fun. And a little different.

I have also decided that for my Christmas cards this year, I am going to paint my own. Think it will be really fun. A good way to get my creativeness going. I have wanted to get back to painting for awhile, but it’s been a couple years now. It’ll be a great way to relax. And I have the perfect time to do it, the beginning of November. I will be getting a lot of peace and quiet time for almost 2 weeks. It will likely be time consuming, but I have all my ideas picked out on what I am going to paint, and the saying for inside the cards. So, the prep work is pretty much done. Just need to make my list of who I’ll be sending them to.

So glad tomorrow is Friday. It is so weird how I get to be excited about Fridays again, it’s a little bizarre.


A Beautiful Fall Day

Crisp, fresh air. Sun shining. Perfection, to me.

It is very sad to see Summer go though, but Fall is my favorite season, even though Winter always follows it. Months and months of it. But my favorite holidays are coming up. All I need is a little snow for Christmas, then, Winter can just be over, but of course, it sticks around.

Today, I was busy watching Vlogmas videos on YouTube and watching Halloween shows and movies, while I cleaned. Yup. Sounds pretty crazy, I am sure. I have always been a lover of Halloween, and it was always my favorite holiday, but the older I get, the more I love Christmas. My tree tends to go up Nov 1st. I do have some Halloween decorations, but for the last couple years, they haven’t made it out due to different things. And this year, I have already been planning what needs to be rearranged for Xmas stuff. And, I think once again my Halloween stuff won’t make it out, and I will be doing my Xmas stuff much earlier than usual. The house this year won’t be getting decorated either. That attributes to me doing things earlier as well.

I have also been thinking about Xmas cards. After last year, I told myself that I wasn’t going to send any out this year except to a few family and close friends. But last week, I got the idea to hand paint cards. I am not an artist, but figured I could do a little simple Xmas or Winter scene. It would be very personal. And even though I have a ton of cards (I always stock up after the season when they go to 50% off), I thought it would be fun. And if it is something I decided to do, I would really have to get a jump start on it pretty quickly. I have sort of been thinking about it more and more, and think I am going to do it. Doing creative things really puts me at ease and takes my minds off of things. It’s good for the soul.

Think I’m going to be hitting the Black Friday forums tonight. I’m starting on a list of things I want/need. And I need to pull out all the gifts I have already bought for Xmas and make a list, planning on starting wrapping soon. I really hope to be done with Xmas shopping by the end of this month. Black Friday tends to be shopping for myself. There are a few things I’ll have my eye on for others, but I can’t do any of that planning until the ads come out, which won’t be for a few more months yet.