Cleaned My Computer Desk and It Feels So Good

My computer desk had become a big ol’ space of clutter.

It took me awhile to clean it (a couple hours) because I couldn’t figure out how I wanted to do it with the limited space I have, so I would arrange it one way, then decide to rearrange it, and then that wouldn’t look right, so I would change things again.

But I got it all figured out, and it doesn’t look too bad.

I hope, now I will start to use my desktop more. I got it many years ago back on an impulse Black Friday deal, because I needed a new computer anyways. The thing has always had “freezing” episodes ever since I got it. I have MS Office, but have been reluctant to put it in (because of the freezing issues).

This week, I plan on turning it on (haven’t turned it on in months….MONTHS) and get Windows all updated, and give it a good ol’ scan and defragging, and see what it does. Maybe I’ll type in Word for a bit to see how it reacts. There really isn’t anything important on it, and since I have fallen in love with my MacBookPro I got last BF, I may look into getting a Mac. I’m not sure. They are so expensive. Maybe there will be some deals this BF/Cyber Monday. We will see….

Because I think sitting and actually using my desktop will increase my input and activity of writing.

Do you have a specific place you write? And office? Do you write at a desk?