Remembering Vince Flynn 2016

3 years….

It’s been 3 years now and Vince Flynn is still greatly missed. And for many, myself included, it feels like it was just yesterday. Hard to believe. I remember the exact moment I found out: It was right before lunch time and I checked my phone, received an email from my Mom stating that Vince had passed away earlier that morning. I sat down, shocked at the news. I scarfed some lunch down, while trying to send a tweet in which the wifi wasn’t being very cooperative. I got something out, as I recall, it wasn’t the most eloquent, but it served a purpose. I then finished up what work was left to do, and I headed home early due to a slow afternoon. I got to my car, and cried. I cried the entire drive home. I cried that night. I cried for a few days. And in those times, when my mind would wander to the “Mitch Rapp is dead too” I would stop myself allowing a selfish thought and refocus on the real issue, those who lost a husband, a father, a son, a brother, an uncle, a cousin, a friend, etc. Vince’s passing hit me hard (like many other fans), I mourned just as though I lost a family member. In a way, even though I only talked to him once in my life, he felt like family due to me running VFF. I wasn’t just a fan, but I felt like a part of the team. My only real regret in life, is that I didn’t pick up a Vince Flynn book a lot sooner!

Life keeps moving on. We’ve lost many others since then. But, they all live on and remain in our hearts.

And some continue to live on through their crafts. What a wonderful thing that is, isn’t it? Vince lives on through his books. With Kyle Mills continuing the Mitch Rapp series, it gives more people the chance to discover the world of Rapp and Flynn. Thus, The Rapp Pack continues to grow and strengthen every day.

So while today is the anniversary of Vince Flynn’s death, which is sad, let’s be happy and thankful that Vince Flynn happened. Remember him not for this day, but …

For the joy he brought us.

For the love he shared.

For Mitch Rapp and 14 books for us to escape into.

Thank You, Vince!

We love you.

We miss you.

Keep The Faith! my friends.

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Happy Easter & Updates on Life

To all who celebrate, Happy Easter!!! I hope you have/had a great day filled with family.

Last night, I hit 10,000 words on my WIP!!! Now, this may seem like a minuscule thing, but I am counting it as a milestone. I am doing it! My goal is to finish this WIP by the end of April. And i believe that I can fully accomplish it.

On my Writing Wednesdays blog, I reported that my weekly word goal (Wed-Tue) is 7,000-10,000. And now since I finally started the WW blogs, I am not only holding myself accountable on writing in my planner, but to all of you guys now too. And that really helps motivate me more.

The last few nights, I have been writing until 2-3am. And as I am writing, all I can think is this is what I want to do. I have always been a night owl. I feel most creative in the middle of the night. But with a full-time job, it isn’t possible.

Typical day: I get off at 5:30pm, 30 minute drive brings me to 6:00pm. Get home, eat dinner (and read a few pages of the current book I am reading), walk the pup. So now I’m at 6:45-7pm. Then I shower. From there, if there are any tv shows I watch, the tv goes on, or else I leave it off. Now it’s social media time. I typically start with Instagram (by the way, I HATE the update. I follow people for a reason. I don’t want to sign up for notifications. I get enough notifications in my life. I just want the pics on my timeline. That is why I follow them in the first place.). Then, if it’s a day I know a favorite youtube uploads, I will catch up on some Youtube videos. Then I check Facebook. And then I will check Twitter (but I’ve been slacking on Twitter. I used to check my timeline and go back as far in the day as it would on the app. But now I follow way too many people. So I don’t bother. And I’ve been slacking on the VFF one too. Need to get back to work on that.) So, at this point it’s already between 9-10pm. Then I get started on writing usually between 10-10:30pm. But a lot of times it isn’t until 11pm. On weekends, I only write until 12am (maybe slightly later if I am on a roll). Then it’s bed time.

My main dream and goal is to be able to write full-time. I’m not asking to be famous or be  a millionaire. Just to be able to make a living at it (minimum would be what I currently make – which isn’t a ton. We aren’t in the veterinary field to get rich, that’s for sure). Because then I could make my own hours. I could write in the middle of the night when I feel I am at my best. And maybe I could even have a life.

A certain part of my life for the past few months has been pretty awful for me. Very frustrating. Very emotionally draining. By Wednesdays, I am completely exhausted – physically, mentally, and emotionally. There is one certain person makes it very difficult. I am emotionally and mentally abused. I’m pretty much I’m told that I am not worth a damn (not in those exact words) and that I’m just a stupid little girl. It sucks. So, I try to make this my motivation. To push me. If I want an escape, I need to make my own escape. There are certain circumstance and issues currently at play, and I have surpassed my breaking point for some time now. And I want out now, even though I can’t be out just yet.

I’ve also been trying to read 1 book a week, and have been pretty successful. I will read a few pages at breakfast, a few pages at lunch, and a few pages at supper. If it’s a slow day at work, that is when I get most of my reading in. And if I am hooked, I try to read some at night (usually during a tv show that I wanted to watch, but now has passed by since I am caught up in a book, but that’s ok).

So, I do have a routine. And it seems to be working. I need to switch the focus to more writing. And I am still trying to work on the getting up early to get in more writing, but that hasn’t quite worked yet. I am waking a little bit earlier in the mornings than I used to though. So, there’s a little progress there.

But, I am trying. I am writing, finally serious about it too. And that’s all that matters.

If you have any words of wisdom, or any words of advice, please share them below with a comment.

Keep the Faith (Vince Flynn) & Stay in the Fight (Brad Thor) – ALWAYS!

Motivational Mondays | #1

“Keep The Faith” – Vince Flynn

You’ve probably seen me use this one before. It’s one that the late author Vince Flynn used quite often, especially during his battle with prostate cancer.

What I like best about this one, is, you can apply it to however you need to in your own life. Even though it may come from a religious background, you definitely don’t need to be a religious person to use it.

Along our journey in this life, keep these 3 little words close to your heart. Let them help guide you, especially during difficult times.

Keep The Faith, that God will be there for us and our families. Trust in God’s plan.

Keep The Faith, in yourself! You can do it. You are strong enough. There is only one YOU in this life, and that’s a beautiful thing. Embrace your uniqueness. No one is better than you. We are all equals. Surround yourself with people that make you the happiest.

When the times seem dark, Keep The Faith, that there is light. If you believe it, there it will be.

I encourage you to try adding these words in your life, not only in bad times, but the good times as well.

Keep The Faith 🙂


October 21st, 2010

Today is an anniversary of sorts for me.

5 years ago … I met Vince Flynn at a book signing at the Borders (which is now gone) for “American Assassin” on Thursday, October 21st, 2010.

It was my first time meeting Vince, and in fact, at that time, I never read any one of his books. So, I felt a little out of place, but, I got over that quickly. Got the chance to make some small talk with him, and he said he liked my shirt, which was my Dale Jr. sweatshirt.

He was incredibly nice!

I was planning on purchasing all of his books up to the newest one. But, they didn’t have them all. So, I just went home with my signed AA.

That weekend, while I was still working at the grocery store, after work Saturday, I stopped in at Borders and picked up “Term Limits”. Read it pretty quickly, and LOVED it. I then would spend the next months upon months purchasing the hardcovers from Amazon, read them, then bought a few more. My goal was to get caught up with the series before “Kill Shot” was released. I came close, but had to skip “Pursuit of Honor” so I could read AA before KS, since they were both prequels. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of KS, which I took with me on vacation. That year, the book was released late, in February instead of the usual Oct/Nov schedule due to Vince having cancer, and my vacation started on the Tuesday KS was released. I was so excited seeing the book at the MSP airport that morning.

But, more importantly, the night after meeting Vince, I went on twitter and tried to search for him. No luck, he wasn’t on it. So I searched for any fan sites. Nope, no luck there either. I had a few friends running some fan twitters for some tv shows, so I thought, what the heck, I’ll start one. It would be a great place for the fans to connect on. And that Sunday night, 3 days after meeting the man himself, @VinceFlynnFans on twitter was born.

It’s been 5 years. Lots of ups, and downs, including losing Vince to cancer. I remember being so excited about having 30 followers (aka #assets, because we are Mitch Rapp’s assets in the field) within the first couple weeks, and today we are nearing 6000!!!

It’s not just about the numbers though. I have met some very good friends through it, and still do! And I’ve also had the chance to interact and meet some fantastic authors as well (I won’t name drop, but they know who they are, not that they will likely read this, but that’s ok!) and still am today!! And I totally believe that if I didn’t choose to go to that book signing, meet Vince, start the twitter, that I would never have had come across them. Even if I did go to the signing and started reading Vince’s incredible books, I strongly believe that I wouldn’t have come across the other authors if I didn’t have the VFF twitter. It was the fellow fans that recommended them first.

Yes, the twitter is mine, but I have never considered it to be fully mine or just mine, but rather it is all (the fans, Vince, his publisher, etc) of ours. Because it isn’t just about me running it, since I run it in his name (with simply ‘fans’ after it). It’s Vince’s name. For the most part, I am representing him. So, I do take it very serious, like a job if you will. And, in my experience in running the twitter, I must say, Vince Flynn has the greatest fans!

A couple weeks ago at the Vince Flynn Tribute Event / National Book Release of “The Survivor” by Kyle Mills (which I need to blog about, and I apologize I haven’t yet), I got a lot of Thank You’s. Which was a bit awkward for me, since saying You’re Welcome didn’t seem like the correct response for me to give. LOL And I’m not the type of person who likes to get compliments of any kind.

But, I just want to say Thank You.

Thank You to everyone who has supported me. You don’t know just how much it has meant to me. And a huge Thanks to David Brown and Dan Flynn who have been with me pretty much on Day 1!


Thank You to Vince Flynn!

Keep The Faith!


Remembering Vince Flynn

It’s June 19th

I still can’t believe that is has been 2 years already

Since we lost a great man

Vince Flynn

My heart goes out to all of us fans, and especially to the Flynn Family and his friends.

Vinnie is a guy that will never be forgotten. For the lucky to have known him, for the fans that got the chance to meet him, and for the world to see his Mitch Rapp legacy live on, through Kyle Mills.

It is a sad, but let’s make it a happy day. Share your memories…..because we are #RememberingVinceFlynn

My post Remembering Vince from last year.

And be sure to check out my friend, RTR’s (Ryan the Rappologist) post Remembering Vince Flynn

Keep The Faith! my friends

I Should Take My Own Advice

Today, I wanted to blog about things that I say but I don’t do (which is pretty stupid when I think about it).

You are never too old for your dreams or goals. Never. And don’t be afraid to share them with others. Tell people you trust. Tell people who are going to support/encourage/motivate you.

See? Right there? I’m doing it right now.

I never knew what I wanted to do/be when I grew up. Whenever I was asked, I always changed my mind and would say different things. But, being a writer always stuck with me though, but I always kept it hidden and away. Locked up. Where it was safe. I never told anyone. I never tell anyone now, which seems silly since I pretty much tell the whole world through this blog. But, the majority of you, I don’t know in real life. While I have shared this blog on twitter, I haven’t on Facebook. Is it because I am afraid? Simply…yes.

I am my worst critic. I feel like I am never good enough (this applies to so much more than just writing). I’m not a very self-confident person. I admit that.

Anywho, to whomever reads this,

I just want to tell you…

YOU are an amazing person.

YOU are never too old to dream.

Don’t let anyone tell you differently or say you can’t do something.

Because anything is possible. ANYTHING.

You can’t succeed without failure, so don’t let the little bumps in the road keep you held back. Keep fighting.

Will I ever truly be a writer? I don’t know. I want to though. It is my dream. It’ been my dream since childhood. And I am the only one who can make it happen.

It’s time to start taking my own advice.


Keep The Faith! (Vince Flynn)


Stay In The Fight! (Brad Thor)


Remembering Vince

Remembering Vince…


Today marks the one year anniversary of the passing of Vince Flynn. It’s hard to believe that a year has already gone by. It stills feels just like yesterday.

As fans, our entire world collapsed. There would be no more Mitch Rapp. And every October/November, we have a pang in our hearts. Even though other authors and books help fill the void, it is a void that will always be there.

But it is his family and friends who have suffer the greatest loss. We send out our love to them. Because without the love and support of them, we may never have had Mitch Rapp. We pray to give them the strength that they need for no one will ever replace the man that they lost in their lives.

A husband.

A father.

A son.

A brother.

An uncle.

A cousin.

And a friend.

Memories that will be cherished forever. Even though he doesn’t walk on this Earth, he is here. Always in our hearts.

Through his novels, Vince Flynn and Mitch Rapp live on.


Thank You, Vince!

We love you.

We miss you.