4-18-17 Paul Vidich ‘The Good Assassin’

On 4-18-17, Paul Vidich’s follow up to ‘An Honorable Man’, ‘The Good Assassin’ was released.

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The blurb:

Former CIA Agent George Mueller arrives in Havana in August 1958—the last months before the fall of Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista—to look into the activities of Toby Graham, a CIA officer suspected of harboring sympathies for the rebel forces fighting the unpopular Batista regime. Mueller knew Graham as an undergraduate and later they were colleagues in Berlin fighting the Soviet NKVD. Under the guise of their long acquaintance Mueller is recruited to vet rumors that Graham is putting weapons, covertly provided by the CIA to Batista, into the hands of Castro’s forces. Public exposure of the CIA weapons mission, and the activity of one rogue agent, threaten to embarrass the agency.

Mueller uncovers a world of deceit as the FBI, CIA, and State Department compete to influence the outcome of the revolution in the face of the brutal dictatorship’s imminent collapse. Graham, meanwhile, is troubled by the hypocrisy of a bankrupt US foreign policy, and has fallen in love with a married American woman, Liz Malone.

This was a fantastic and quick read. Again as with Vidich’s previous novel, I find the whole 50’s Cold War Espionage era fascinating.

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An Honorable Man by Paul Vidich

Happy Pub Day to Paul Vidich’s “An Honorable Man”!!!!

I’m very excited for this book. It’s set in the Cold War Era, which makes it very interesting to read. As you read it, it makes you feel like you have time travelled back to that era. It’s almost like watching a movie. So, sit back, relax, and watch as the CIA looks for a traitor.

The blurb:

Washington D.C., 1953. The Cold War is heating up: McCarthyism, with all its fear and demagoguery, is raging in the nation’s capital, and Joseph Stalin’s death has left a dangerous power vacuum in the Soviet Union.

The CIA, meanwhile, is reeling from a double agent within their midst. Someone is selling secrets to the Soviets, compromising missions around the globe. Undercover agents have been assassinated, and anti-Communist plots are being cut short in ruthlessly efficient fashion. The CIA director knows any news of the traitor, whose code name is Protocol, would be a national embarrassment and compromise the entire agency.

George Mueller seems to be the perfect man to help find the mole: Yale-educated; extensive experience running missions in Eastern Europe; an operative so dedicated to his job that it left his marriage in tatters. The Director trusts him. Mueller, though, has secrets of his own, and as he digs deeper into the case, making contact with a Soviet agent, suspicion begins to fall on him as well. Until Protocol is found, no one can be trusted, and everyone is at risk.

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An Honorable Man | Thursday Reads

“An Honorable Man” by Paul Vidich

This debut novel by Paul Vidich brings us back to the Cold War Era. It is a very interesting read in which I greatly enjoyed. I’ve always been fascinated by the 50s.

“An Honorable Man” finds CIA agent George Mueller trying to help find a double agent within the organization that is seeking secrets to the Soviets in which is compromising missions around the globe. He has his own secrets and as he digs deeper into the case, suspicion begins to fall on him as well. Until Protocol (the double agent) is found, no one can be trusted, and everyone is at risk.

If you enjoy thrillers, particularly political thrillers, then this book is a must. It will leave you feeling as if you have been transported back into the 50s.

Again, I was very lucky to receive an ARC of this novel, and it will be published on April 12, 2016.

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