Blogtober 4, 2016

Today’s selections are : The Murder in the Red Barn and The Ape Man.

The Murder in the Red Barn 

1935 Starring Tod Slaughter, Sophie Stewart, D.J. Williams

This film is pretty straight forward and short.

The blurb:

Based upon a true story, a small English town is the setting of a love triangle involving Squire Corder, the gypsy Carlos and young Maria Marten. While Maria is smitten with Squire Corder, the son of a rich businessman, she has attracted the attention of the roguish gypsy Carlos. When maria disappears after entering the Red Barn, suspicions fall upon both men as to what indeed happened to her.

Watch it or skip it? Watch it!

The Ape Man

1943 Starring Bela Lugosi, Minerva Urecal, Ralph Littlefield

The blurb:

Dr. Brewster is working on a serum derived from gorilla spinal fluid and tests his experimental formula upon himself. Unfortunately, the serum transforms Dr. Brewster into a simian-like creature and he desperately attempts to find a cure. Only human spinal fluid will return him to normal but Dr. Brewster uses some nefarious methods to extract his needed supply.

Watch it or skip it? Watch it!