Happy Vince Flynn Day 2016

Today is Vince Flynn Day!!

Why is it Vince Flynn Day? Simply, today is his birthday. He would have been 50 today. After his passing back in 2013, I decided that in honor of this great author, man, human being, that his birthday, April 6th, would become Vince Flynn Day.

And another way to honor him, on this day, I promote the purchasing of his books to be given away to others, whether it be a family member, a friend, a neighbor, even a complete stranger, a library, or to be donated. It’s a great way to give back and to support our favorite writer.

Happy Vince Flynn Day!!!!
Keep the Faith,

Mission for Vince Flynn Day

We lost Vince Flynn last June. I declared April 6th (his birthday) as Vince Flynn Day. In preparation of Vince Flynn Day coming up, I have a mission: To make a Vince Flynn book purchase. What better way to honor the late ‪‎Vince Flynn ‬than by purchasing a Vince Flynn book on that day (April 6th).

Missing a book in your collection? A friend or relative missing a book in their collection? This would be the perfect day to make a purchase.

How about purchasing a book for a friend or relative, to donate to your local library, donate to a charity or an event, give to a stranger on the bus or in the mall. Maybe someone’s birthday or an anniversary is coming up.

Let’s make ‪‎The Rapp Pack‬ larger than ever.

I will be personally purchasing some books on April 6th for some fun giveaways over at @VinceFlynnFans this year. I will also be purchasing books to donate to The Harvath Directive. I encourage you to please make a purchase, whether it be paperback, audio, or an ebook, the format doesn’t matter.

Keep your calendars marked for Vince Flynn Day on April 6th!!!