4/6/16 – 4/12/16 | Writing Wednesdays

My word count for the week:

4/6/16 = 580 + 324 = 904
4/7/16 = 0
4/8/16 = 146
4/9/16 = 152
4/10/16 = 362
4/11/16 = 649
4/12/16 = 819
*Total for the week = 3,032

This past week, I’m not sure what it was, but I just wasn’t motivated at all. I know there will be weeks like this, and I am ok with it. On 4/7 I did do a lot of brainstorming and outlining on some ideas that have been festering in my brain for awhile, so I wanted to get those down before I forget them. I didn’t work on my main WIP for some reason, but hope to resume with it this next week.


3/30/16 – 4/5/16 | Writing Wednesdays

My word count for the week:

3/30/16 – 1,044
3/31/16 – 268
4/1/16 – 1,073
4/2/16 – 1,004
4/3/16 – 575
4/4/16 – 134 + 909 = 1,043
4/5/16 – 1,135
*Total for the week = 6,142

So I didn’t make either goal (writing at least 1,000 words a day, and to try to get 10,000 words for the week) but that’s ok because life happens.

And not to make excuses, I do have some. The first one involving a very stressful day at work in which I ended up taking a nice long walk with my dog, which helped me immensely (mentally and emotionally). And the second one I was busy spending time with some family while celebrating my birthday.

I think I am going to keep these 2 goals as long term goals, but I’m not going to beat myself up about not making them. Because realistically, I just don’t think they are ones I can manage every week, but they can be attainable and I do want to always reach for them and even more.

My main WIP I am currently a little stuck in. I got the basis down and the most important chapters (I think) done and grounded. But I have a long way to go, word count wise, if I want this to be a novel. I’m nearing 20,000 and a novel I believe is 60,000-90,000 on average (if I’m wrong, please tell me).

I have pondered doing a collection of short stories or novella, or separate novellas, but I really want this to be a novel. So, I’ms struggling with what I need to add. I have done some brief descriptions of what I can add, but there is a lot to go.

This main WIP is a Christmas one, so I have had Christmas movies playing the in the background and have been listening to Christmas music as I write. I know it may seem a little crazy since it’s April, but it’s soothing, and helping to motivate me.

So here’s to a productive week ahead!!

3/23/16 – 3/29/16 | Writing Wednesdays

I had a very productive week. My numbers:

3/23/16 – 604
3/24/16 – 547
3/25/16 – 983
3/26/16 – 1,761
3/27/16 – 1,093
3/28/16 – 789
3/29/16 – 1,447
*Total for the week = 7,224

I’m very proud to have made my goal of 7,000 words for the week. There were a few nights that I really didn’t want to write (mainly due to being tired or exhausted), but I forced myself to sit down and just do it. And I was really productive on those particular nights.

I’m going to try and push myself to reach at least 1,000 words a day. And I am going to try to reach a goal of 10,000 words for this next week.

Happy Easter & Updates on Life

To all who celebrate, Happy Easter!!! I hope you have/had a great day filled with family.

Last night, I hit 10,000 words on my WIP!!! Now, this may seem like a minuscule thing, but I am counting it as a milestone. I am doing it! My goal is to finish this WIP by the end of April. And i believe that I can fully accomplish it.

On my Writing Wednesdays blog, I reported that my weekly word goal (Wed-Tue) is 7,000-10,000. And now since I finally started the WW blogs, I am not only holding myself accountable on writing in my planner, but to all of you guys now too. And that really helps motivate me more.

The last few nights, I have been writing until 2-3am. And as I am writing, all I can think is this is what I want to do. I have always been a night owl. I feel most creative in the middle of the night. But with a full-time job, it isn’t possible.

Typical day: I get off at 5:30pm, 30 minute drive brings me to 6:00pm. Get home, eat dinner (and read a few pages of the current book I am reading), walk the pup. So now I’m at 6:45-7pm. Then I shower. From there, if there are any tv shows I watch, the tv goes on, or else I leave it off. Now it’s social media time. I typically start with Instagram (by the way, I HATE the update. I follow people for a reason. I don’t want to sign up for notifications. I get enough notifications in my life. I just want the pics on my timeline. That is why I follow them in the first place.). Then, if it’s a day I know a favorite youtube uploads, I will catch up on some Youtube videos. Then I check Facebook. And then I will check Twitter (but I’ve been slacking on Twitter. I used to check my timeline and go back as far in the day as it would on the app. But now I follow way too many people. So I don’t bother. And I’ve been slacking on the VFF one too. Need to get back to work on that.) So, at this point it’s already between 9-10pm. Then I get started on writing usually between 10-10:30pm. But a lot of times it isn’t until 11pm. On weekends, I only write until 12am (maybe slightly later if I am on a roll). Then it’s bed time.

My main dream and goal is to be able to write full-time. I’m not asking to be famous or be  a millionaire. Just to be able to make a living at it (minimum would be what I currently make – which isn’t a ton. We aren’t in the veterinary field to get rich, that’s for sure). Because then I could make my own hours. I could write in the middle of the night when I feel I am at my best. And maybe I could even have a life.

A certain part of my life for the past few months has been pretty awful for me. Very frustrating. Very emotionally draining. By Wednesdays, I am completely exhausted – physically, mentally, and emotionally. There is one certain person makes it very difficult. I am emotionally and mentally abused. I’m pretty much I’m told that I am not worth a damn (not in those exact words) and that I’m just a stupid little girl. It sucks. So, I try to make this my motivation. To push me. If I want an escape, I need to make my own escape. There are certain circumstance and issues currently at play, and I have surpassed my breaking point for some time now. And I want out now, even though I can’t be out just yet.

I’ve also been trying to read 1 book a week, and have been pretty successful. I will read a few pages at breakfast, a few pages at lunch, and a few pages at supper. If it’s a slow day at work, that is when I get most of my reading in. And if I am hooked, I try to read some at night (usually during a tv show that I wanted to watch, but now has passed by since I am caught up in a book, but that’s ok).

So, I do have a routine. And it seems to be working. I need to switch the focus to more writing. And I am still trying to work on the getting up early to get in more writing, but that hasn’t quite worked yet. I am waking a little bit earlier in the mornings than I used to though. So, there’s a little progress there.

But, I am trying. I am writing, finally serious about it too. And that’s all that matters.

If you have any words of wisdom, or any words of advice, please share them below with a comment.

Keep the Faith (Vince Flynn) & Stay in the Fight (Brad Thor) – ALWAYS!

3/5/16 – 3/22/16 | Writings Wednesdays

So, for the first official WW, I am extending it from just one week to when I started tracking my progress.

Here we go…

3/5/16 – 292
3/6/16 – 693
3/7/16 – Didn’t write but entered a project into Word
3/8/16 – 121 + 269 = 390
*Total for the week = 1,375

3/9/16 – 213
3/10/16 – 658
3/11/16 – 467
3/12/16 – 0
3/13/16 – 69
3/14/16 – 209
3/15/16 – 483
*Total for the week = 2,099

3/16/16 – 1,003
3/17/16 – 883
3/18/16 – 0
3/19/16 – 480
3/20/16 – 1,541
3/21/16 – 398
3/22/16 – 218
*Total for the week = 4,523

So, I want to push myself with a goal to write 7,000 – 10,000 a week.

I Should Take My Own Advice

Today, I wanted to blog about things that I say but I don’t do (which is pretty stupid when I think about it).

You are never too old for your dreams or goals. Never. And don’t be afraid to share them with others. Tell people you trust. Tell people who are going to support/encourage/motivate you.

See? Right there? I’m doing it right now.

I never knew what I wanted to do/be when I grew up. Whenever I was asked, I always changed my mind and would say different things. But, being a writer always stuck with me though, but I always kept it hidden and away. Locked up. Where it was safe. I never told anyone. I never tell anyone now, which seems silly since I pretty much tell the whole world through this blog. But, the majority of you, I don’t know in real life. While I have shared this blog on twitter, I haven’t on Facebook. Is it because I am afraid? Simply…yes.

I am my worst critic. I feel like I am never good enough (this applies to so much more than just writing). I’m not a very self-confident person. I admit that.

Anywho, to whomever reads this,

I just want to tell you…

YOU are an amazing person.

YOU are never too old to dream.

Don’t let anyone tell you differently or say you can’t do something.

Because anything is possible. ANYTHING.

You can’t succeed without failure, so don’t let the little bumps in the road keep you held back. Keep fighting.

Will I ever truly be a writer? I don’t know. I want to though. It is my dream. It’ been my dream since childhood. And I am the only one who can make it happen.

It’s time to start taking my own advice.


Keep The Faith! (Vince Flynn)


Stay In The Fight! (Brad Thor)


Cleaned My Computer Desk and It Feels So Good

My computer desk had become a big ol’ space of clutter.

It took me awhile to clean it (a couple hours) because I couldn’t figure out how I wanted to do it with the limited space I have, so I would arrange it one way, then decide to rearrange it, and then that wouldn’t look right, so I would change things again.

But I got it all figured out, and it doesn’t look too bad.

I hope, now I will start to use my desktop more. I got it many years ago back on an impulse Black Friday deal, because I needed a new computer anyways. The thing has always had “freezing” episodes ever since I got it. I have MS Office, but have been reluctant to put it in (because of the freezing issues).

This week, I plan on turning it on (haven’t turned it on in months….MONTHS) and get Windows all updated, and give it a good ol’ scan and defragging, and see what it does. Maybe I’ll type in Word for a bit to see how it reacts. There really isn’t anything important on it, and since I have fallen in love with my MacBookPro I got last BF, I may look into getting a Mac. I’m not sure. They are so expensive. Maybe there will be some deals this BF/Cyber Monday. We will see….

Because I think sitting and actually using my desktop will increase my input and activity of writing.

Do you have a specific place you write? And office? Do you write at a desk?

Just another Tuesday

Not much going on here. Still beaming with excitement about the news yesterday on the Mitch Rapp series!!

Today was a slow afternoon at work, so I was able to work on some writing. Adding some things in where they need to be. And I noticed that in a few stanzas, I had not only past tense, but present going on as well. So, I had to make a few adjustments there, but it didn’t affect the flow or the rhyming. Having both tenses in the same stanzas strangely enough hadn’t disturbed the flow of the stanza in the poem, but it looked strange. I think I didn’t catch them until now because as I would say them, it sounded fine. Weird. I do have a few present tense stanzas, but I think I will keep those as “action” ones. It makes a nice flow. Not sure how acceptable it will be, but, I don’t care. It’s my poem, and I will do what I want to. LOL

Poetry Book Update: I am in the process of printing out all my poems, yet another time. About half way through on the ones I recently typed. I have to open and do them all at one time, so it is taking a little bit. Then, I think I will be re-typing the ones I had typed up many years ago, so I have the same font and flow as the other ones. I hope to then, get it sent off to the copyright office some time next week. (I should just pick a date that I must have that done by. Hmmm. What’s a good one?? I’ll decide by tomorrow’s blog!) Still undecided if I want to print out the form and mail the entire thing, or fill out the form online (and still mail it in). The latter is supposed to be faster and cheaper. I am too afraid of uploading the document when doing it online, because I haven’t done this process before. Then, I will work on formatting them for kindle/createspace. Have to work on a cover. Already have a preface written. Have been thinking up an afterword. Not sure if I will do a dedication, but do have a few acknowledgements (well 2) that I’d like to do.

Not sure if I will wait to upload until I receive the copyright first, or not. I think I’ve been pretty redundant on that fact. I just don’t know.

P.S. If I ever keep repeating myself on things, you will have to tell me 🙂 I’d hate to be a bore.



When reading a book, I find it quite fun to find typos.

With books that are professionally published (especially from those big name publishers) and the author has a professional editor, it is very amusing to find mistakes. Yes, we are all human, and I can let 1 or 2 slide, but when they have errors upon errors, I feel bad for the author because it makes a poor representation of them. Is someone not doing their job? Are they slacking on their job? Or are they trying to work on too many projects at once? Because in a professional setting, there should NEVER be a typo.

Now, I don’t really let the mistakes get to me. Because if the story is intriguing and interesting enough, my mind catches the errors, corrects them, and forgets them. Even though spelling, punctuation, and grammar are very important, if I am into a work, it is just automatically forgiven. It doesn’t disrupt the story or disrupt the flow to me. Mistakes don’t define the author.

If the writer is doing their own editing, it can be very easy to pass right over a typo. I did that just a few weeks ago while working on my zombie poem. I had written a line down, but the thought in my head was different, and when I read it back, I read what I thought I wrote, not what I actually wrote. And it took me 3 – 4 times of going over the line, to actually catch my mistake. As a writer, you are so familiar with your work, I think it makes it so damn easy to do this.

Anywho, just my thought for the day. What are your thoughts?